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What is Cosmetology?

If you are looking to answer the question, "what is cosmetology?" it involves exploring the many different facets and dimensions of this field that deals with treating the skin, nails and hair. Cosmetology is not just "one thing," although it always focuses on helping people look their best. The services provided by cosmetologists can provide clients with sense of well being, and increase confidence levels and job prospects as well. Thus, the role of cosmetology in society is an important one.

Cosmetology is an umbrella term that is applicable to several different areas. In answering, "what is cosmetology?" it is important to note that within cosmetology there are numerous other disciplines and specialties these include aesthetician, electrologist, nail technician, hair stylist, hair colorist and make up artist. As you can see, all of these disciplines are focused on helping people maintain and improve their appearances in some regard or another.

What is Cosmetology? This Field is Made Up of Six Specialties

Aestheticians work on issues related to the skin. Their job is to improve the look of the skin via a variety of different means. However, skin care is only one aspect of what aestheticians do on a daily basis. Hair removal, massage and facials are all other beautifying procedures that aestheticians perform.

While it is true that aestheticians do often work with hair removal, hair removal is the specialty of the electrologist. An electrologist, as the name strongly indicates, uses electricity to remove hair in a process that is referred to as electrolysis. Electrolysis, at least in theory, removes hair permanently.

Learning how to perform great work on nails doesn't come overnight. Nail technicians perform manicures, pedicures and also perform other related nail procedures. Manicures are performed on the hands, whereas pedicures are performed on the feet. Nail technicians need to be obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene practices to avoid causing infection and the spread of disease. Massage is often also a part of the service that a nail technician may offer.

Often when people think of cosmetology, they often think of the hair stylist. This specialist styles hair to the requirements of his or her clients. The number of haircuts available is truly staggering. Knowing what will work best with a client's facial structure, skin tone and personal sense of style is a real art.

A hair stylist and a hair colorist are, in fact, two different professionals within the cosmetology field. A hair colorist learns how to deal with the wide array of chemicals, and, on occasion, natural compounds are used to change the color of a client's hair.

Makeup artists are available in many salons, but they can work in a variety of different settings. The makeup artist's knowledge of how to apply makeup in a highly effective manner makes him or her an essential component in the world of entertainment and fashion.

What is Cosmetology?-It is an Exciting Growth Field

Answering the question "what is cosmetology?" isn't as simple as pointing to one simple way to improve the appearance of the skin, nails and hair. Even aside from the careers listed above, services provided by cosmetologists can often include health and wellness consultations as well. Ultimately, cosmetology is diverse due to the fact that people’s needs regarding their personal appearance differ greatly.

Those interested in a career in any aspect of cosmetology will be excited to learn that the field is one that is experiencing a good deal of growth and is expected to continue to expand in the future. If you like the idea of helping people look better and feel better, then you might just find that cosmetology is the career for you!