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Attending the best cosmetology school in Cincinnati has is in very high demand. Aveda Frederic’s Institute cosmetology and esthetics programs are full, well-rounded programs to teach all the all you need to know for your career in the beauty industry. Looking and feeling your best starts with your professional esthetician and stylist. Aveda Fredric’s Institute trains the beauty professionals of tomorrow with real world experience for their career in the salon and spa industry. We pride ourselves on not just teaching our students hands-on skills but also the business skills to succeed. We want our students to be the best hairdressers, stylists, estheticians and skin care professionals possible. We teach our beauty school students the skills to perform the tasks that will be expected of them in a real salon-style setting.
Regularly we have salon spa guest speakers come and present. This gives our students a chance to ask questions and hear the demands of the real world from professionals who are in it every day. Our goal is not only to teach our beauty school students in Cincinnati the skills they need to perform well at their jobs but to also teach them what to expect and how to handle real-life situations. We offer career events that allow our students to mingle with the top salon spa professionals. Networking with the school is important to these salon professionals as this is where they can find some new and fresh talent to add to their workforce. Salons and spa services are always in demand and they are always looking to hire new talent.
Our goal is to offer our students every opportunity to get what they need to succeed in the beauty industry. Our students will go on to work in hair salons, beauty parlors, fashion shows, and amazing spas. There are many different paths that their careers can go and many will become small business owners. If you have the desire to make the world beautiful and work in this amazing industry, then the Aveda Fredric’s Institutes is the place for you. We work with our students to ensure their success not only with their beautician skills but also on their resume and networking within the industry itself. This unique approach allows our beauty school students to start on the right path for continued success down the road.
We provide a hands-on approach to learning by offering services to budget-conscious consumers in student salon and spa for their beauty needs. This is only after careful instruction as well as practice on mannequins and models. Guests can take advantage of budget-friendly services as our students hands-on practice to improve and build confidence with their new skill set.
We not only focus on hair at the Aveda Fredric’s Institutes but also skincare, nail esthetics, makeup, and total body wellness. We want our students to have a well-rounded and diverse skillset upon graduation. We also take the time to offer personalized instruction that will allow our students own preferences and talents to shine through. We believe that everyone can be a star within our program and believe in supporting each and every student to achieve their goals.

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