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Aveda Institute Columbus

Aveda Institute in Columbus is here for your next career. Beauty schools are in high demand as people are more concerned about their personal looks than ever before. Aveda Institutes will teach you how to do skincare, nails, hair and more. We work with our students to teach them everything they need to know to have a career in the beauty spa industry. We have actual people from the industry come in and speak to our students and talk about real-life problems. These sessions are important as it gives our students a chance to ask questions and get answers from people that actually do this type of work.
We offer hands-on instruction for all of our beauty school students by working with models and mannequins. These are used to perfect the various skills before working on actual clients. Our student salon is open to the public and gives the students a chance to learn how to understand client instruction. It also is great for perfecting their various skills. We offer networking opportunities for our students that allow them to get ready for the hiring process. We not only teach our students how to do nails, hair, skincare and overall body enhancements but we also take the time to show them how to prepare a proper resume.
If you are looking for a new career, attending Aveda Institute beauty school in Columbus can help with that. Our team of expert educators is here to not only show you how to do things, but to answer any and all of your questions as you are instructed through the courses. We believe that it is important to get hands-on training. This, of course, is combined with some course training to help you fully understand why you are doing it and how to do it. We believe that it is important to not only understand those steps of the process but also the why’s behind it.
Cosmetology and Esthetics school are great career boosters. Once you complete your education, you’ll be prepared for the career of your dreams. We are dedicated to the trade and it shows. We want our students to do more than just graduate, but to be successful. We take the time to show you how to have a lucrative and fulfilling career. We know it is important that you learn skincare as well.
More and more people care about the way they look. Salons are busier than ever. These days, there are many popular styles that people do with their hair. We will teach you how to cut, color and style other people’s hair as well as take care of their skin. Going to school is a commitment that should be taken seriously. If you have questions regarding beauty school, be sure to ask before you sign up. We have many students that have become very successful after attending our beauty school and so can you! Invest in your future and do something that you really enjoy by taking the first steps toward a cosmetology or esthetics license today.

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